What is an Egress Window? – A window that can be used to exit or escape a room. Egress windows can be above or below ground level.

Why do you need Egress Windows? – In case of an emergency, egress windows allow occupants a way to exit and rescue specialists a place to enter.

What are the benefits of installing egress windows?

  • Safety is the number one benefit:
    • Safety of children playing in the basement
    • Safety of workers in a below ground office space
    • Safety of loved ones in a basement bedroom
    • Access for emergency personnel to rescue people and pets trapped in a basement
  • Add to the value and livable floor space of your home with a properly designed finished basement
  • Add natural light to an underground room or living space


Where are egress windows required? – Egress windows are required in every room used for sleeping purposes regardless of location. In addition any basement with habitable areas (playrooms, living rooms or bedrooms) must have an egress window or door in each room.  In an existing home if you add bedrooms to a previously unfinished basement code requires you have an egress window in each bedroom.